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Welcome to Wylde Arts

We thrive to offer you entertainment and products created by us, and not stuff that any one can pull of the internet and 
post on their pages.

We are very friendly and dedicated to our fans. Feel free to look around at the other pages to see what we have to 
offer. Our content will continue to grow so keep coming back to see what's new.

Current Project

!DMRpg! Role playing game system for Second Life

This system not just any role playing system, like the ones Second Life users constantly see.  Instead, you get the 
experience of the classic turn based style in a 3-D virtual world.  Not to mention the random monster encounters that 
you have the ability to toggle on and off.  Fighting monsters will allow you to gain experience and gold.  

Current version released is v0.0.12.

Screen shots will be coming soon. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

Jay's Playground

Check out Jaycee Wylde's personal coding playground by clicking the link below. Things may get weird.

Visit the playground.